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Saturday April 2, 2011 - Around Hacienda Harley-Davidson and Esteban Park With Mayor Phil Gordon, Soul Brothers and Second II None MC Group.
April 2, 2011

April 2, 2011 Hacienda Harley-Davidson had a great event that started at the dealership for all there customers and general public, including the Second II None Motorcycle Club. About 2pm there was a ride to the picnic at Esteban Park that was put on by the Soul Brothers Motorcycle Club of Phoenix, AZ. There they had a drawing to give away a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. The honorable Mayor, Phil Gordon, of Phoenix did the drawing. Fun was had by all.

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Above are pictures from around Hacienda
Harley-Davidson April 2nd before the
ride the the Soul Brothers Picnic. Click here

The mystery about the patch. I was told that
most of the patches that the club members
wear have subtle differences. Click here to
view a lot of patches to see if you can tell
what some of the differences are.


Here are some pictures of a few of the great
motorcycles at the event. Click here


AP, President of Second II None, Rick
Hatch, owner of Hacienda Harley-
Davidson and Mayor Phil Gordon at the
drawing for the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Click here

Here are some random pictures taken
around the Soul Brothers Picnic
Click here